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Lutheran East Holds Largest Community Service Day in School History!

Friday, May 12th was the annual Lutheran East Community Service day. Our list of sites this year included: Buckeye Learning Farm, Christ United Methodist Church, Cleveland City Mission, Cleveland Kids in Need, Fairfax Community Gardens, Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, The Holden Arboretum, Hope Lutheran Church, MedWish, Pilgrim Congregation United Church of Christ, Pins, Needles & Tie Dye, St. John Lutheran Church - South Euclid and Nottingham, and St. Peter Lutheran Church.

Students and teachers alike had an amazing time serving the community this year. All of the sites where we went were extremely grateful for the help we gave. This day is really the pinnacle of the school year when student learn how to put the gospel into action. Afterall, one of Jesus most important commands was for us to go out to help those in need whether it be physical labor or a glass of water or clothing. Serving is something that students realize very quickly makes them feel good about themselves. It is ironic how often Christ gave us commands that seem to require us to give when we are the true recipient of the blessing. It seems on the surface that giving to others would only deplete our own store of money or energy, but it never seems to end up that way when we work for the Lord. He returns our giving many times over to us.

To put in in the words of some of our leaders:

  • Mr. Ben Triplett said, “The Christian fellowship and encouragement will go a long way to helping the members of St. Peter Lutheran Church beautify the grounds of their church building. It is a tangible demonstration of the stewardship of the beauty that God has given.”

  • Mr. David Jabs said, “ It was a great day to help out a church in need. “

  • Mrs. Christy Spiegel said, “Many hands made light work of a big job and we all had the satisfaction that can only come from a hard day of work.”

  • Mrs. Roberta Dobbins said, “ This was a new experience for all the students and I believe a fulfilling one as well. “

Their words really sum up best what the Lutheran East Community Service Day means. It really is an impactful day of service. We like to think that beyond the service itself, that it helps to build our school community in ways that just requiring students to individually seek out service opportunities does not. This is definitely a unique experience that cannot be found at schools in the area.

Of course, there are many, many pictures. If you are interested, please visit us on our Facebook page by searching Cleveland Lutheran High School East.

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