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Notable November News

November 8th was a wonderful day at Lutheran East.  We hosted our annual Prospective Student Day for several of the area middle schools.  Students from surrounding schools come from 9:30 - 1:30 to get a sneak peek at campus life here at Lutheran East.  We have sessions on everything from academics to athletics to drama.  Students attend 18-minute sessions that give a snapshot of what makes our school unique.  In addition to the sessions, students also had the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of a school that has worship.  Mr. Wills and Mr. Lipford led the students in two worship songs.  Mr. Prusinski shared an amazing message at chapel about building foundations.  He was encouraging the students to build a great foundation for their college education by joining Lutheran East.  He emphasized how Lutheran East students’ foundation begins with the Jesus Christ, and how He is central to what we teach and believe.  He explained that beginning there only leads to a great educational foundation at Lutheran East.  As students ended their day here, teachers and staff had the opportunity to reflect on how blessed we are to be able to touch so many lives each year.  It truly is a gift from God to be able to work with the youth in our area.  It is especially wonderful knowing that we will be affording them an opportunity they may not otherwise have.  That opportunity is to experience a quality education with a building filled with adults who want to share the love and good news of Jesus each day.  At this time we can only pray that God will lead students and their families to return to school on November 16th from 6-8 p.m. for the first open house of the year.  As a staff, we will see the fruits of our labor as the students encourage their parents to come to see out school.  

In other news, we are extremely pleased to report that we were able to have a student baptism at school during chapel.  Kamiryn Russell was baptized by Reverend Childs after a message in chapel confirming that we should follow in Christ’s example to be baptized.  We are pleased to offer this opportunity, perhaps on a continuing basis, to our students who are led by the Holy Spirit to formally proclaim their commitment to Christ in a public way.  Helping to grow Christians who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ is probably one of the greatest accomplishments we can have as a school.  These are, after all, our future leaders who we want to promote the ideals taught at Lutheran East.  We are proud of  the work of the faculty and staff that help lead students like Kamiryn to have no fear to proclaim Jesus as Lord.  It shows the commitment and the impact that we can have as a school.

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