Christ-Centered Education for Life
Small Group Chapels

This Thursday marked the beginning of our small group chapels.  During small group chapel, students have time to receive individualized attention from teachers, and students have time to get to know each other better.  The overwhelmingly positive response from teachers and students alike has been very encouraging.  The important goal of this time is to bring our students to and encourage them to grow in faith.  Many students are unwilling or unable to ask questions in a larger group, so this creates a safe environment whereby student concerns are addressed.

We believe that small group chapels are a very important element of Lutheran East which will give our students the strength to stand strong in their faith even after they leave school.  Small group chapels allow the teachers at Lutheran East to spend dedicated time nourishing the soul.  Often the changes in students' hearts happen as they begin to experience the love of Christ through the teachers who lead this time.  We pray that God will bear much fruit from the time we spend in small group chapel.

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