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Community Service Day is Great Success!
Lutheran East students thoroughly enjoyed this year’s service day, which was last Thursday, May 6th. Each year our students go out in groups of 15-20 to help various organizations in the community. We serve at churches, community gardens, and even the food bank. This day is a time when we can experience what it really means to serve as a Christian. The self-sacrifice of service is something that God wants us to do not only because it helps others, but also because it helps us. Like so many things that God tells us to do, service seems like it only benefits the receiver while in reality it benefits both the giver and the receiver. Probably one of the most important lessons our students learn for the year comes on service day: Following God’s instruction is good for us mentally and physically. He is our creator and knows what is best for us more than anyone here on earth. Aside from the benefit to students, teachers also benefit from some time to get to know students they do not have in class. Teachers can spend time initiating and building relationships that will last throughout the years in high school and possibly beyond high school. Teachers, students, and community members were all enriched through obedience to God’s word. The day was a great reminder that service is important, and that we should engage in service on a regular basis.
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