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Volleyball Week - Christian Community Recap

It was the start of the Lutheran East Varsity game and the girls were ready and pumped to play. The first set started while the LE girls waited to receive the first serve from CCS. There were some great volleys; at the score of 10 (CCS) to 5 (LE) CCS sent over a hard outside hit and Marie Johnson was able to dig the ball up and sent it straight to LE setter Faith Hardnick. Faith quickly set the ball up for a middle kill by Courtney Elston. CCS digged the ball up and set up their offense and tipped the ball right behind LE block, Faith doved out but the ball hit the floor before she could touch it. CCS won the first set. Second set came and we began the serve with Marie Johnson. She was able to score 3 straight serves before lost the serve. During the second set Faith Hardnick was able to score 5 points on a serve also. Arielle Pope gave a great assist during the first pass to Destinee Thompson where she finished the play with a kill. The game was close during the second set but CCS managed to take another win and take the win for the third set.

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