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Faculty Spotlight: Mr.Wills

This week’s teacher spotlight focuses on Mr. Matt Wills.  Mr. Wills is new to our faculty this year as a religion teacher.  He also assists Mr. Lipford with worship during chapel.  Mr. Wills is very talented not only in his approach to teaching God’s Word, but also with respect to his technical prowess in his knowledge of sound equipment.  His help has been invaluable to making our plays sound better as well as bringing a more professional sound to our chapel times.  Mr. Wills truly has a servant heart as he gives of his spare time in assisting with our technical questions here at school.  

Let’s see what Mr. Will has to share with us:

L.E.:  What is your favorite Bible verse or quote?

Mr. Wills:  Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through him who gives me strength"

L.E.:  Tell us about your family.

Mr. Wills:  God has blessed me with a great family growing up and a great family of my own now. I grew up with two brothers stuck in the middle that have stuck with me through any and everything. My parents should probably be saints for raising us. By the grace of God I was blessed with a smoking hot wife that loves the Lord and truly is my better half. We have two princesses Katie Anne (2 years old) and Maddie Jean (1 year old) that each already have their own personalities and are a blessing to me everyday.

L.E.:  Tell us about where you went to college.

Mr. Wills:  I went to a private Christian college in the middle of nowhere called Bluffton University. It was exactly the school I needed when I finished high school career.

L.E.  Tell us about your hobbies or sports you are interested in

Mr. Wills:  Probably my biggest hobby is playing my guitars and leading worship with my friends. When I used to have more free time I really enjoyed going on week-long backpacking trips and riding my motorcycle (sadly that is gone now).

L.E.:  If you had to choose Ohio State or Michigan, which would it be?

Mr. Wills:  Ohio State

L.E.:  Why did you decide to become an educator?

Mr. Wills:  I have always wanted to work with high school students in some facet of life. Having started in the church setting this school business is still a little new to me, but an important ministry regardless. I look at my calling to educate as a chance to help students become the best version of themselves that they can be. I hope that through that I can connect the students to a God that is calling each and everyone of us into a relationship with Him.

L.E.:  Anything else you would like us to know (i.e., you wrestled a bear)?

Mr. Wills:  Can't say I have wrestled a bear but I'm sure if you stop by my classroom sometime I can muster up some crazy story for you :).

Thank you, Mr. Wills!  We wish you a great year and many happy returns!

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Cleveland Hts., OH 44118
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