Christ-Centered Education for Life
Unity Day
As we end the first quarter of our academic year, there are many things for which we can be thankful at Lutheran East. Our student body holds strong at 200+ students who are being affected, daily, in a positive way for Christ, we have seen a fantastic choir performance, and our sports teams continue to improve their records over previous years. This week is special in that two members of our student council from the senior class gave a Unity Day presentation. Asya Wright and Kamilah Dotson are leading the charge to help students understand the real effects of bullying. The young ladies encouraged members of our student body who have not yet signed the pledge to prevent bullying to do so during their respective lunch periods. This is something the Jesus would do (as the saying goes) because it promotes a culture of nonviolence and of safety and harmony. As far as highlights of the first quarter go-- this one is one of the best because of the dramatic impact this awareness can have on all of our student body. When Kamilah and Asya graduate, we look forward to seeing who will take their efforts and continue to advance this cause. We are confident that God has called others among the student body to continue this most important cause.
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