Christ-Centered Education for Life
Chapel - Week of 1/20

Our first full week of the second semester is completed, and with it many good memories have been made.  Two important highlights of the week are both from chapel.  Chapel on Tuesday featured our Drama Class’ modern interpretation of familiar stories from the Bible.  Three groups took turns to re-enact David and Goliath, Adam and Eve, and David and Bathsheba.   The student body was truly excited to see the talents of their peers on stage acting in their original productions.  A special thanks goes to Kamilah Dotson and Briana Waller for being the hosts and helping everyone understand the significance of the plays.  

On Thursday, we enjoyed a testimony from Mrs. Spiegel who talked quite a bit about how important the Heavenly Father is in our lives.  Students enjoyed hearing about her family, and her father in particular.  Mrs. Spiegel made a very important point that we should all live knowing that God chose us before we were born and that everyday He chooses us.  During those times when others abandon us, the Father is always ready to accept us where we are.  This week reminds us that we so much to be thankful for all the time.

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