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LE Celebrates MLK Day with "Selma"

It is the second week after Christmas break, but what a great week it is! This Wednesday marked the end of the first semester. Students and staff alike are excited to have completed one-half of the school year. We look forward to a busy spring semester that poses many challenges of its own, including the Ohio Graduation Test as well as the new PARCC tests administered mainly to the freshmen.

The highlight of the week, though, is undoubtedly the field trip many of our students are taking to see the movie Selma. It may not be African-American History Month yet, but this movie will be pivotal in getting students looking forward to a month that celebrates the heritage and the accomplishments of the African-Americans in the past and present of our country. Students will be able to see the depiction of a true hero on the big screen. Hopefully, they will internalize the greatness Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the greatness of the ideas he promoted. Dr. King led a biblically based opposition with much success, and we hope that will translate into our students understanding how following God’s plan will cause us to be successful and blessed in our lives.

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