Christ-Centered Education for Life
Service Club Thanksgiving Project

The Lutheran East Service Club headed by Marlene Nagy donated two full Thanksgiving dinners to local families in need. We gave each family a turkey, potatoes, stuffing, mac and cheese, green beans, yams, cranberries, corn, pinto beans, peas, cake, gravy and a coloring book.

We received an awesome thank you from the organization who took the meals. Following is the thank you we received: “Dearest students; it was my honor and privilege to deliver the turkeys and fixings to 2 families. Both families were moved to tears by your generosity! Comments made were ‘People we didn't even know showed us this love!" One mom wept and wept saying, ‘Thank you,’ over and over again. She and 3 of her kids have pneumonia and have been really sick for a week. I hope you can feel the love that you shared through your generosity. You have been the answer to prayer. You are such blessings. Thank you for giving of yourselves!!!"

We are proud to be a beacon of hope in the community in the area of education as well as in practical ways such as helping those who need food during the holiday season.

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