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Lutheran East Finishes 1st Semester with Strong Chapel Messages

This week we had two very special chapels here at Lutheran East. On Tuesday, we were addressed by an alumnus who is currently a pastor at a local church. From time to time we really appreciate a reminder that the work we do here at Lutheran East has a tangible effect on society and on eternity.

On Thursday, we had the National Honor Society of Lutheran East give a chapel on self-esteem. Led by Mrs. Nicole Chiles, students presented a very powerful chapel on self-esteem and its impact on students. Each of the students gave personal testimony as to the impact of self-esteem either personally or through the story of a friend. We heard stories of various things that impacted self-esteem. One student recounted an illness that requires medicine that has cosmetic effects. Another student related the story of a friend who passed away because of a surgery. Yet another spoke very personally of a struggle with self-esteem that came to an end as a result of being accepted at Lutheran East. Very importantly, the students included results of a survey sent to current students regarding self-esteem. All of this came together to issue a very important and a very real challenge at the end. Students challenged us to view ourselves as God views us: as wonderfully and fearfully made. A big thank you goes to Destinee Thompson, Ryand McCoy, Re’Jeine Smith, Nichole Davis, Nina Sims, and De’Jah Kimbro for the effort they put into Thursday’s chapel.
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