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Choir Participates in African-American History Celebration at HB

We are pleased to announce that our choir was invited to sing in Hathaway Brown’s Black History Month Celebration. It is truly a great honor to be a part of this cooperative effort to lift up African Americans who have been successful in the past as well as to encourage our young people. It is our hope that as they learn and grow, our students will understand the vital role of African Americans in the United States. Students have spent the week in Mr. Courtney’s class delving into the history of Black History Month, and then spending time analyzing poems written by Sojourner Truth and Maya Angelou. Next week, his students will be reflecting on the message of the poems studied as well as evaluating current successes in the documentary Ballou. The documentary shows how a high school band overcomes significant obstacles to win competitions and honors in a national competition.

We are also excited to announce plans to make Lutheran East a 1:1 computer school. Next year, all students will own a Chromebook that will include all texts, notes, and other materials for school. This is a step that will make our school more competitive academically. We believe it will also influence our students’ career readiness. Computers are, increasingly, becoming more a part of everyone’s workplace and college. We are most pleased about the fact that each student will own the Chromebook when they leave school, so they will have a place to store their four years of learning before moving on to college. Teachers are excited to begin working on the Chromebooks now in preparation for August when our school officially goes paperless! What a great experience this will be to have every classroom be a computer lab-- that means more classroom space for the students we anticipate bringing in for next year.

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