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Turn Up the Volume in Chapel!
What an exciting week we have had at Lutheran East!  Of very special note is the group Turn Up the Volume invited by our own Reverend Childs.  The group brought us a very challenging message about “turning up the volume” for Christ by standing for what is good and right in the world today.  The performance was quite special because the professional performers included three of own very talented students.  Kartlon Pickens read a very special spoken word piece about the challenges in his life.  As a senior, Karlton has really grown at Lutheran East in ways that are remarkable, especially in his spiritual life.  Savion Long, a very talented freshman, also brought us a spoken word piece about overcoming the difficulties in his life.  He was a huge encouragement to all of us.  Lastly, Erykah Brown sang a beautiful praise song for us.  It truly was a time of blessing for faculty, staff, and students alike.  We know that these times that encourage our students’ spiritual growth are the real reason our school exists.  We pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work on the hearts of our young people to bring them to salvation through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
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