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The Lutheran East Honors Academy serves to challenge our students, through cultural and experiential opportunities, to unlock their academic potential and grow into successful, lifelong, holistic, learners.  The Lutheran East Honors Academy administers a rigorous, differentiated curriculum to challenge students to ascertain a higher level of achievement.  Students will enjoy a curriculum that focuses on developing a vast array of analytical thinking skills, achieving strong standardized test scores, and preparing them for study at the collegiate level.  The Lutheran East Honors Academy also ensures that students have opportunities to cultivate servant leadership through a variety of local, national, and global non-profit organizations.

To earn a Lutheran East diploma with recognition from the Honors Academy, students will meet the standards listed below:

Honors Seminar:

Enroll in the Honors Seminar each semester.

Attend the Honors Seminar bi-weekly, except in the case of an excused absence.

Achieve a grade of a “B” or higher in the Honors Seminar.

Attend at least 50% of the required off-campus events organized by the Honors Academy.

Service Internship:

        Honors Academy students are required to complete at least 25 hours per year. Opportunities are made available throughout the school year and summer. In addition, Honors Academy students are expected to take the initiative to set up volunteer hours of their choosing. All hours must be documented and pre-approved by the Dean of the Honors Academy.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Honors Academy students are required to participate in one extra-curricular activity each year.


Earn 10 Honors/CCP credits before graduation.

              Earn a minimum of 3 consecutive  foreign language credits.

              Earn a minimum of 4 credits per core subject (Math, English, Social Studies, Science).



Maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA each semester.

One semester below a 3.5 GPA will result in the student being placed on Academic Probation

Two semesters below a 3.5 GPA may result in dismissal from the Lutheran East Honors Academy.

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