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Spring in Review - Part 2

As we continue with our series, the next great achievement we want to highlight is the play that our Lutheran East thespians performed on April 26th and 27th.  What an amazingly talented group of students we had this year in Dial M for Murder.  It was a small cast with a pretty large support staff putting on one of the best productions every.  Rehearsal started in early March and was pretty intense. Rehearsal is even on Saturday. Even so, the drama team squeezed in some time for fun as they went costume shopping at the local Goodwill and then for lunch at DiBella’s.  This event is always a great bonding experience for students who spent time enjoying a meal together. The cast of five plus our director and stage manager really became like a family to each other. They practiced together, played together, and even disagreed from time to time, but they learned to bond in a way that will last a lifetime.  

Since many of the cast are seniors, this was a special ending to the year for them.  Chris Hanson was the director of the play, and it was a huge accomplishment for his senior year.  Actors Cordell Rudolph, Makayla Brown, Davarie Gilmore, and Aaran Brabson performed their last play  on the Lutheran East stage. Cordell Rudolph has been involved in drama for two out of his four years in high school.  He performed in Almost Maine as well as Dial M.  Makayla Brown came out from behind the sound and light boards for the first time to put on an amazing debut/ swan song all in one.  She was a star as Margot in Dial M.  Davarie Gilmore performed first in Fences last spring and was the scheming husband of Margot in this spring’s play.  Aaran has a most impressive repertoire from his time here at Lutheran East. He has been in every spring and fall play except for one.  He has played seven different characters from Travis in A Raisin in the Sun to Gabe in Fences to Max in Dial M.    His versatility is truly amazing.

Finally, we would like to recognize both Makayla Brown and Aaran Brabson as this year’s recipients of the Drama Scholarship Award.  Each student received a college scholarship worth $450. They both more than earned the recognition they received at the awards ceremony.  We wish them both the best of success in college as they continue to grow as students and productive citizens.

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