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Ta-Rel Franklin, MBA
Class of 2012

Hello, my name is Ta-Rel Franklin and I am a 2012 graduate of Lutheran High School East. I am honored to have the opportunity to share my story with you. In 2008 my parents and I decided that Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School was the best high school fit for me both academically and athletically. After spending two years at Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School I felt in my heart that it was time for a change. My parents and I spent a lot of time researching many schools in the Cleveland area and after roughly a month we decided to transfer to Lutheran High School East. The next two years of my high school career turned out to be a life-changing decision. 

Throughout my life, I was accustomed to being the “new kid” due to transferring to several schools early on. I walked into Lutheran High School East like every other school, not knowing many people and feeling like I was starting all over again. The students were welcoming and I felt a deep connection with the faculty and staff. I enjoyed the small classroom size and the teachers did an excellent job spending one on one time with me along with other students. My teachers challenged me academically, personally and spiritually. For that, I thank them. 

During my time at Lutheran High School East, I learned some essential core values: integrity, accountability, respect, and toughness. I want to thank my teachers and all faculty and staff for teaching me these life values. As my senior year was coming to an end, Lutheran High School East put me in a position to be accepted by several colleges and universities nationwide. I decided to attend Alderson Broaddus University where I graduated in four years with a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing in 2016. After graduating, I was accepted into graduate school at Bluffton University. There, I graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration in 2018.

Throughout my college years, my relationship with the staff at Lutheran High School East grew. It was easy for me to call Mr. Chris Steinmann, Mr. David Jabs, Mr. Ben Triplett or Mrs. Nicole Chiles. I hosted a field trip while at Bluffton University facilitated by Mrs. Chiles for Lutheran High School East students. It was a thrill for me to work with Mrs. Chiles in this capacity and it helped me realize how valuable my Lutheran High School East relationships had become. The same can be said for Mr. Steinmann; as a student Mr. Steinmann was a key resource. His leadership and foresight propelled him to lead our school forward and he has always been a mentor to me.

Mr. Jabs is another staff member I consider a mentor. During my transition from high school to college and then to graduate school, Mr. Jabs has always been available for late-night chats about life, education, sports, and encouragement for me to continue forward. Relationships push each of us forward and I am happy to have cultivated meaningful connections through Lutheran East that have guided me forward. 

I am currently the Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Alderson Broaddus University and I continue to live my life by the core values I learned at Lutheran High School East. I believe it is my responsibility to spread these core values to others. I truly want to thank the Lutheran High School East community for welcoming me with open arms and molding me into the young man I have become today.

Fredrick L. Wolfe
Deacon, Christ Lutheran Church in Brooksville, Florida - Class of 1963
"I didn't realize at the time how much my teachers at LHSE would be shaping my future. Their dedication serves as a role model for me as I now serve the Lord as a Deacon."   
 Lisa Chavers
Assistant Dean of the Graduate College, Bowling Green University - Class of 1977
A significant part of the success I now appreciate as a doctorate degree possessor and as an Assistant Dean of the Graduate College at Bowling Green State University  is due to my experience at Lutheran East. Often, I publicly acknowledge that the school’s Christian leadership, curriculum, environment,  and classmates directly impacted my life and destiny.

Alyssa Petrenko
Nurse, Cleveland Clinic - Class of 2007
I spent my high school career traveling from school to school looking for a place that I could fit in. When I came to Lutheran East I knew this was a school I could call home with faculty and students I could call a family. Lutheran East was so much more than a high school for me, it was a place where I could grow in my faith, build Christian enriched relationships, and look to expand my horizons. I am proud to be an Alumnae of Lutheran East.



Celeste Chappell-Bates 
Class of 1980
I attended Lutheran High School East from 1976 to 1980. During my attendance, I did not realize what a wonderful foundation my Christ-centered education would give me. Looking back, my work ethic, fortitude, and ability to affiliate with others like myself, I owe in large part to the education I received at LHSE – both academic and personal. Giving a teenager the opportunity to begin adult life with such a strong Christian base, I believe, is quite possibly the best gift a parent could give!
Matt Crow
Graduate, John Carroll University - Class of 2008 
Lutheran East promises a Christ-centered education and that is exactly what you receive. Lutheran East is a school where you can grow in the diversity of the Christian faith. The interaction between the faculty and other students provides a place that surrounds you with the love and power of the Holy Spirit.
Lisa Taylor
Class of 1987
I attended LHSE from 1983-1987 and my experience was a great one! The experience empowered me to become a successful Christian. I am thankful for the experience of having attended LHSE. The teachers were great and I gained a lot of knowledge.


Arana Lynch
Journalist, Graduate of Kent State University - LE Class of 1993
When I was young I wanted to be a hip hop star, an engineer, and a journalist. For 17 years I wrote fo
several newspapers across the country and won awards for my work as a journalist. I have to admit, if it was not for the education that I received at Lutheran High School East one of my childhood dreams would not have come to fruition. My name is Arana Lynch. I became a proud graduate of Lutheran High School East in 1993.  Lutheran East challenged me both academically and spiritually. Teachers held me accountable for my work and introduced the teachings of Jesus Christ. What made Lutheran East special was that I was able to participate in extracurricular activities that I would not have had the opportunity to do at a public school. I became the captain of the junior varsity and varsity basketball team. I wrote for the Falcon Flyer and during my senior year I became editor of the school’s newspaper. Lutheran East became a blessing after graduation. As a freshman at Kent State University I was several steps ahead of other incoming freshmen students. Lutheran East prepared me for the hardships of college. The test taking and study skills that Lutheran East stressed made it possible for me to graduate from Kent State University in 1999. I firmly believe that my education at Lutheran East helped pave the way for me to earn a college degree as well as becoming a journalist. 

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