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New Year's Blessings

It’s a new year at Lutheran East, and we are excited about what is going on at school.  Since the beginning of the year, much has happened to our facility that we are excited about.  The gym, the cafeteria, the office, and the auditorium have all received upgrades to the heating and cooling systems.  This is a project that is just underway; it will continue well into the future as the entire building will one day have a modern, efficient heating and cooling system.  No less exciting, but not as expensive is the new carpeting in our auditorium and the recently remodeled main office with its new lighting and ceilings that brighten the entire space.  What a great way to greet families who come in to apply for next school year!

Academically, we are truly excited about the number of students who are on  the Merit or Honor  Roll, or even the Principal’s List  for their semester GPAs.  It is quite an accomplishment to keep a 3.0, a 3.5, or a 4.0 for an entire semester.  Some students have even achieved beyond a 4.0 with their dedication to honors level classes.  We are excited to be a school that puts academics first.  We are excited to have students who are truly, in every way prepared to take the next step to go to college.  It speaks to the hard work and dedication of the students and faculty that we have this kind of success.  It shows that the importance of each of the school year is seen by students and faculty alike.

Culturally, we are excited to be preparing for our Black History Month assembly on February 23rd.  This is a joint venture between the Life Everlasting Gospel Choir, the Lutheran East Art Department, and the Lutheran East Drama Department.  The choir will be presenting songs that will tie in with the art and drama presentations.  Our drama presentation is a reader’s theater script that highlights the beginnings and the successes of the Civil Rights Movement as led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  This will be valuable for students to reflect historically on the movement and how one person following God’s will can change an entire country.  The assembly will present the opportunity for discussion in the classrooms during the next school day.  It will not simply be a 90-minute stand alone assembly with no further impact.  The faculty in every discipline will have the opportunity to discuss the importance of having a legacy.  They will also have the opportunity to discuss the importance of recognizing God’s will for each of us.

Dramatically, we are excited to announce our spring play!  The title is Dial M for Murder.  This 1952 murder mystery is a three act thrill worthy of anyone’s time.  A man wishes to kill his wife, but fails in the attempt is discovered be a Columbo-like sleuth.  Originally set and performed in England, it has enjoyed many years of production on stage, including a run last year at the Playhouse Square Theater in Cleveland.  Auditions for the play will be held in mid-February with rehearsal to start on March 5th.  Our dramatic students are excited to take on this thriller.  Students will be busy memorizing lines, blocking scenes, building the set, and digging up sound effects.

Our year is certainly not over.  Please look for continued updates as we progress in this journey with God’s abundant blessing.  So much is yet to happen this year, and so much is yet to be planned for next year.  

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