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Firsts & Traditions

He we are nearly at the end of the first quarter in a year of firsts. Lutheran East has for the first time in a long time enrolled over 300 students. Our halls are more full than ever with students whose live are being impacted positively educationally and spiritually. Our incoming freshmen classes continue to be a tremendous asset of talent at Lutheran East. Lutheran East’s Falcon Football has for the first time in a long time an overwhelmingly winning record of 5-1. Our young men and coaches have been building a tremendous team whose work these past few years is beginning to show. For the first time in our school’s history we had a homecoming football game under the lights along with an alumni celebration and tour of the building. What an event we had on the night of September 29th. Alumni were able to come back to see all of the positive change in their alma mater. So many alumni of all ages were amazed to see the wealth of educational and extracurricular opportunity available at Lutheran East.

In addition to all of the firsts, students still continue to enjoy the traditions at Lutheran East. The week of September 25-29 was filled with homecoming festivities, including the world famous Falcon Games. All classes competed in the competitions. Of course, the senior class dominated (a great tradition). A couple of highlights of the week included the student v. staff volleyball game where the staff won! After the volleyball game, classes had a dance competition. While the seniors technically won, Reverend Childs’ dance to Will Smith’s Fresh Prince of Belaire stle the show. Another highlight, and a great tradition, was the Homecoming Dance of 2017 on September 30th. More than 200 students attended the dance. Students were elegantly dressed and had a tremendous time dancing and socializing throughout the evening.

It is critically important to strike a balance between traditions that are enduring and that create memories and firsts that help our school grow. At Lutheran East, we’d like to think we’ve hit that perfect balance of building memories and spiritual connections along with creating new things to be excited about. One important new thing on the horizon is the installation of new HVAC throughout the building. Currently, we are working on the office, room 101, the gym, the cafeteria, and the auditorium. Eventually, the antiquated heating system will be replace with an energy efficient heating and cooling system. This kind of improvement is critical in our ability to attract future scholars.

As we end the first quarter with many blessings, we look forward to what is going to happen throughout the rest of the school year as God continues to shine His favor on 3565 Mayfield Road. The future does indeed look bright as we “Go with God” in everything we do. Please look for continued updates on the “goings on” at Lutheran East.

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