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Spring Drama Production: Rumors by Neil Simon is a Hit!

This past week the Lutheran East Drama Department performed Neil Simon’s Rumors. So many people who saw the production thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was, indeed, a very funny show. If you missed the show, you missed a great night of comedy. The play was a demonstration of talent from students who were acting, painting, and building as well as running the technical equipment. To put on a production that is completely student-led is truly an accomplishment for Lutheran East!

The cast showed true cohesiveness in their acting because of their intense rehearsing from February through May. They showed professionalism in memorizing so many lines. With a cast of only 10, each actor had to carry a major part in the production. This speaks to the tremendous talent God has given the students at Lutheran East.

Our crew showed the same cohesiveness with their dedication to lighting, sound, and props. These things are unseen oftentimes, but they are so important to creating a professional show. A shout out goes to all who were involved with microphones, lights, sound effects, and stage managing.

We’d also like to recognize the seniors who were involved in the production. Some of our seniors have taken drama for three or four years, and so this becomes a very special time for them to be involved in such a phenomenal production to end their tenure here at Lutheran East.

Through it all Glory goes to our Heavenly Father for blessing the students with talent and blessing Lutheran East with the students. God has given many good gifts. It is wonderful to watch those gifts mature in the time when students are at Lutheran East. God’s gifts are like the unseen part of the production of the play in some ways. They are so important to the Body of Christ, but are not often noticed by us when we have them.

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