Christ-Centered Education for Life
School Year Off to a Great Start

It is hard to believe that we are already at the end of the second week of school! We have had an amazing start to the year with more than 274 students in the building. God continues to shower Lutheran East with his blessings. We have also already enjoyed the blessing of our first four chapels. What an encouragement to see the auditorium so full of students. Considering that a few years ago we only filled a few rows in the front, worship really takes on a new meaning. Lutheran East is able to reach out to so many more families, and we are faithful to spread God’s word as God increases our enrollment.

A highlight to our week is the students who raised $294.25 to send to Louisiana flood victims. Students were allowed to dress down, and a result we are able to send money to help those in need at this time. Another highlight to our week is the use of our newly installed PA system for the football field. Our Falcons announcer, Mr. Prusinski, can be heard clearly. As well as the PA system, the track is undergoing renovations for use by our Physical Education Class as well as our track athletes and community members who make use of it. So many great things are happening as we look forward to going through the 2016-2017 school year.

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